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CarePro Home Care LLC knows and understands the significance of having someone around to address your non-medical care needs at home, especially when you reach old age, experience health conditions, or live with disabilities. Doing household tasks, adhering to doctor’s advice, staying physically active, and maintaining proper hygiene becomes challenging to perform. Illnesses, disabilities, and old age are the major factors of having limited mobility, leaving individuals stressed, frustrated, and depressed.

These are the reasons why we established CarePro Home Care LLC. CarePro is the perfect agency for an ailing individual and families with a sick/old loved one to call and seek help. We offer in-home non-medical care services and assistance to help them live their lives to the fullest with independence, dignity, and good health. Our care professionals will deliver an individualized care plan that will effectively and efficiently meet the needs and preferences of our clients and their families. We always listen to their inputs and monitor their condition so we can modify their respective care plans as necessary.

About the Owner

CarePro Home Care LLC is owned and administrated by a registered nurse with almost 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. As a nurse, the owner has learned to serve and take care of others the way they want to be taken care of. The owner also identified the gap between staying at home and being institutionalized. That is why CarePro hires, screens, and trains competent caregivers to take care of you or your loved ones at the comfort of your home. Through this, you can avoid unnecessary hospital or ER visits and high costs of medical expenses and admissions.

CarePro’s owner envisions to help individuals from ages 16 and above to live their lives happily to the fullest amid any health condition and disabilities by delivering the right levels of care and support services they need at home.


Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality care to the clients we serve in the comfort of their homes.


Through quality care, CarePro Home Care LLC will meet the day to day needs of those we serve, enabling them to lead a quality independent life as long as possible.



 CarePro Home Care will care for its clients the way they want to be cared for and will not impose their beliefs on the clients.


 CarePro Home Care caregivers will serve their clients with empathy and kindness.


 CarePro Home Care and its staff will regard the feelings, rights, traditions, and wishes of those they serve without judgment.


 CarePro Home Care will serve its clients with honesty, strong moral principles, and uprightness.

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